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Return of the Sun

Posted by on December 19, 2013


The days have sure been short and cold here in Ithaca.Too cold and gray for me. I have to admit to counting down the days until Solstice. December 21 is the start of winter and the shortest daylight day of the year. After Saturday we gain a whole minute of daylight! According to Weather Underground, Friday’s sunrise/sunset is 7:31am/4:36pm, Saturday is 7:32am/4:36pm (a whole minute less light), and Sunday 7:32am/4:37pm. Hold on is this a gain in daylight hours? Maybe not, but I don’t care.
My family’s Solstice traditions include lighting a candle, drinking hot cocoa, and feeding the wild animals. We make the classic pinecone-peanut butter-bird food things and hang them outside. The kids scatter seeds on the ground for the squirrels and apples for the deer. Our dog usually eats the apples since we never have deer in our backyard. When all the snacks disappear, the kids think something magical has happened.
Erica, from our wellness department, made the cute little walnut candles in the picture. She used beeswax from our bulk department and wicks from Michael’s.
Enjoy your solstice and the day the “sun stands still.”
All it takes is one candle to bring darkness to light,
like the promise of the dawn on a long winter’s night.


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