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Picnic Ready Foods At Greenstar

Posted by on June 20, 2014



The weather has been so amazing. How blessed are we to live in such a beautiful area with so much nature to visit? It is a perfect time to pack a picnic and take a hike, walk, swim or just go sit in a park! There are a number of picnic ready foods that are offered at Greenstar, especially with a cooler, but the foods below are great to throw in your backpack when you are just ready to GO!

1. Shizen Sushi: I especially recommend the vegan options if you are going without a cooler. I love the tofu/avocado roll for on the run.

2. Mary’s Gone Crackers and Hummus: All of Mary’s Gone Crackers varieties are hearty and crunchy! Grab some hummus from the deli and you’ve basically got a meal right there. Want a little veg? Grab a bag of baby carrots.

3. Falafel and Tahini Cup: I just noticed this brand new offering! The Deli is now preparing Falafel cups. They come in a tall cup with a lid. Inside is a couple of pieces of falafel and a tahini sauce. It’s all contained and ready to go. Such a smart idea!

4. Takeout Deli Salads: There are now a couple of new salad varieties available in the deli as well. They are all prepared to go with a container of dressing inside. Want to make your own? Get to the salad bar and make sure to find the to-go containers for dressing!

5. Rice cakes, avocado and miso: This is a favorite at my house. Grab your choice of rice cakes and a (hopefully) ripe avocado. Then, depending on the size of your picnic, take a to-go container and put a small amount of bulk miso in it. I love the brown rice or sweet white variety. All you need is a knife to cute and smear the avocado on the rice cake then add the miso. I swear, it is amazing and requires very little prep or things to carry.

What types of things do you take on a picnic? Let me know in the comments, we could use some more ideas! Don’t forget a drink or dessert for your picnic. Alcoholic or not, there is such a great election of fun drinks to pick up and let’s not even get started on the gluten-free cookies ;-)!

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