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My Spring Cleanse

Posted by on April 18, 2014



Spring is certainly a time to come alive! I spent about 8 hours the other weekend cleaning out my apartment and getting rid of things that I don’t use. It felt so great. So, I wanted to take that same feeling to my body. I am a very healthy person in general, but there is something about a cleanse that makes me feel great. Something about getting out of your comfort zone and achieving something for yourself. It took me a while to decide what I was going to do for my cleanse. There are so many options! Also, I have a pretty busy schedule and didn’t want to go too crazy (like I have in the past) with a cleanse that was going to knock me off my feet. For example, the Master Cleanse, is great. But, it is a big shock to your system and can make you very tired for the first 2-3 days.

So, I created my own. I designed this cleanse for myself because it was achievable for me but still out of my comfort zone. A cleanse can be as extreme as you need and can be as simple as cutting out certain foods for a week. Here’s what I have been doing this week.


1 Liter of water

1 cup of green tea w/ liquid stevia

1 very large green smoothie*



1 very large raw salad



1 fresh juice or bowl of homemade broth


*I have been switching these up, but I often go for an almond milk base with a handful of greens, banana, apple and some vitamineral green powder. I just put a recipe on the Emmy’s Blog!

So far, I have been following this plan since Monday (it is now Friday). It wasn’t until today that I started to feel really good. Any kind of cleanse or detox can make you tired and maybe a little cranky. You must remember this is part of the process and to keep going. I noticed a real shift this morning when I woke up so I am going to keep it going through the weekend!


Some Tips For Newbies:

Create a clear and achievable plan and say it out loud!! Make your commitment real and stick to it!

Don’t let yourself go hungry: Have extra juice or snacks available so you don’t fall off!

Rest: Get extra sleep and allow yourself to feel tired, this is part of the detoxing process

Drink water: Lots of it!


Questions? Comments? Feel free to ask here! Happy Spring!!

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