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Have You Heard About Our Members “U Pick 10%” Day

Posted by on January 5, 2014
Have you heard the news? Our members Ten on the Tenth day has changed.
Starting this month, you get to pick the day you receive your 10% discount. This means no more busy  parking lot on the tenth of each month. You can get 10% off on the first or the 31st, it is now your choice. Each calendar month, you pick one whole day to receive the 10%, just ask your cashier to activate your discount. If you stop in at 7 am for a burrito and coffee and activate the 10%, get the discount, and come back the same day at 7pm for a super grocery shop, you will still get the 10%. It works at both stores, all day for that business day. You do not need to choose your day in advance, any cashier can tell you when you last used your member benefit. You get one each month, the chosen days do not have to be 30 days apart. For example: I shop on January 30 and activate my 10%. Then I shop on February first and want to use my 10%, it is available.
There are a few additional terms of the “U-Pick 10%” benefit:
  • This is your  benefit -it is not transferable, so no one else can use it but you!
  • The “U Pick 10%” benefit cannot be  given retroactively for purchases made earlier in the day, earlier in the month or in a previous month, even if the benefit went unused. there is no “time shifting” of any kind allowed.
  • It is the Member-Owner’s responsibility to request activation of the U Pick benefit each month. The “U Pick 10%” benefit must be used on the day of activation.
  • Any concerns or inquiries should be directed to the Membership Department.
We are working hard to get the word out about this awesome change, but  expect January tenth to still be  a busy day at the WestEnd store. Just think, now that you know about your  “U Pick 10%” benefit, maybe we won’t see you on 1/10.

2 Responses to Have You Heard About Our Members “U Pick 10%” Day

  1. Ed Swayze

    How are warehouse purchases handled now?

    • Debbie Lazinsky

      Hi- sorry for the delay. The warehouse sales are no longer happening. Instead we have the best sellers from the Case sales available everyday in the bulk department. Most everything else is avaialble through special order.

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