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Currently Obsessed: Products To Buy At Greenstar Right Now

Posted by on April 30, 2014


photo 1

1. Liz Lovely Crunchy Cookies: These are brand new from this Vermont Family-Run business. They are wonderful people. Their other cookies you can find in the deli, but this new line from them is shelf stable. They are completely gluten-free and vegan and CRUNCHY! Perfect for when you need that  junk food fix! Made sure to read their story on the back of the package!


photo 3


2. Treeline Soft French-Style Nut Cheese: I am so obsessed with this. Yes, that is a higher price tag but it is SO worth it. I couldn’t even call this a cheese-replacement because it is so high-quality, that it stands on it’s own. I spread this on crackers or dried fruit…or it could even serve as a cream cheese! The flavor and consistency makes you think you are eating chevre. They also make a hard nut cheese that is wonderful, I think its been hard to keep it in stock though! Gorgeous packaging too!


photo 4

3. Purely Elizabeth Baking and Pancake Mixes: If you haven’t tried these yet, you must! This is probably the cleanest baking mix on the market. They are all sweetened with coconut sugar and are based in almond flour, millet flour and quinoa flour. All you have to do is add oil, applesauce and vanilla and voila! You have delicious, healthy, cookies and pancakes.


photo 2

4. Emmy’s Super Cereal: I know, I know, shameless self-promotion. But seriously, I can’t stop eating this stuff! Our sprouted buckwheat is sweetened with coconut sugar. It is delicious and so hearty. Just pick up one of our boxes and the weight of it tells you just how nourishing it is. Each flavor is great, but I am currently really into the Apricot Vanilla. The fresh vanilla bean is a real treat and our apricots are custom coated with coconut flakes. I am eating this as my cold cereal in almond milk or topping my yogurt or oatmeal with it. Delicious and energizing.

photo 2


4. Quinn Popcorn Farm-to-Bag Popcorn: Love this company! Quinn Popcorn’s microwaveable popcorn is incredible and revolutionary. They recently came out with this bagged popcorn which they call “farm-to-bag” because there is a lot number on the bag that you can enter and see where each ingredient comes from. They use all non-GMO ingredients and the Kale & Sea Salt one is really tasty. Definitely give these a try when you have your next popcorn craving.


photo 1


5. Plume Shampoo & Conditioner: I love this line of haircare from LOCAL company, Plume. Plume is a line created by Emma Morris, the founder of Fresh in Trumansburg. Go there for a great haircut, too! Plume delivers unique haircare blends that feature EXTREMELY clean ingredients like aloe and quinoa protein. They smell amazing. I’ve been loving the Vanilla Bean Conditioner!

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